Lost Mines of Phandalin

Session 1

On the way to Phandalin

Hired by Gundren Rockseeker to take a supply wagon from Neverwinter to Phandalin.

Gundren will go ahead with a human warrior named Sildar Hallwinter to take care of some advanced business.

Hired Sai as well known for this kind of guard duty, others coming along for their own reasons.

Part way to Phandalin came across the wreck of a wagon and some blood marks. On investigating, were ambushed by four goblins, who took down one of the oxen and some of the characters before being slain. Party identified that the wreck was old bits of wagons left there to mislead travellers, identified drag marks leading to horse corpses (fairly fresh, with most of the meat taken).

Party went on to Phandalin with the wagon and delivered the goods to Barthen’s Provisions. Were rewarded (minus some payment for dead ox), and informed that Gundren had not arrived. Heard about his brothers, who had come into town on occasion for supplies but had not been seen recently.

Stopped by Lionshield Coster and were told about other missing shipments. Went to Stonehill Inn, where they were rewarded with food and lodgings if the performance would stop.

Next day, spoke with townmaster Harbin Wester. He seems cowardly, concerned for his own safety and that of the town if something happened to the Redbrands. Kept discussing the reward for Orcs at Wyvern’s Tor, not interested in the Goblins.

Left a rude note on the door of the Sleeping Giant, where the Redbrands are known to congregate, then left back down the trail to find out what had happened to Gundren and Sildar.

Followed the tracks and found a cave, along with a couple of goblins trying to ambush the party. Went into cave, following stream. Cave with chained wolves, which druid calmed down, spoke to and released. Further up the river saw a side passage and a bridge overhead. Goblins released a flood of water, which sent druid flying back down the passage. Continued along, cut down a few more goblins before entering the main room.

Scared off the bugbear there (bard made him climb down the crevice towards the wolf room, on returning he was badly hurt so fled. Killed the other goblins and the wolf pet. Barricaded the room to get a short rest. Found the Lionshield Coster crates along with a treasure chest with 600cp, 110sp a statue of a frog and a couple of evocation potions (healing?).


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